Mikiya Kobayashi designs Ily-Ai electric tricycle with a wooden body

(Source:InceptiveMind)Japanese designer Mikiya Kobayashi, who is usually involved in product design, most often furniture and home accessories, has designed the concept of the Ily-Ai electric tricycle. It is the world’s first multi-functional, electric, intelligent personal mobility vehicle (PMV) with a modern and sustainable heart and a design that recalls the toys of the past.

The ILY-Ai scooter concept was developed by Tokyo-based Kobayashi in collaboration with the car company Aisin Seiki and Karimoku, one of Japan’s main wood furniture manufacturers. Designed for the elderly and individuals with limited mobility, the ILY-Ai scooter tries to minimize deficiencies and add more beauty to the environment with its peculiar and discreet look.