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Thought Industries Customer Training Platform Powering SAM Certifications for BSA | The Software Alliance

(Source: PRNewswire) training LMS that was not focused on the ecommerce and marketing automation integration required to deliver a great experience for external customers.

ActivePBX Achieves ‘Built for NetSuite’ Status for its ActiveCRM CTI SuiteApp

(Source: Yahoo Finance) New SuiteApp for CRM-Friendly Telephony meets Oracle NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform development standards and best practices. MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE …

Jolyn Selects Emarsys to Transform Omnichannel Marketing and Personalization, Powered by AI

(Source: MarTech Series) Powered by artificial intelligence, the Emarsys platform now automatically segments Jolyn’s customers, enabling the marketing team to automate targeted .

Yardi Senior CRM Increases Speed to Lead for Stage Management

(Source: MarTech Series) Senior housing operator Stage Management has shortened its lead response time twelvefold using Yardi® Senior CRM, a new case study reveals. Overall, the …


(Source: The Independent) As such, it appears that the data was probably collected from CRM, or customer relationship management, software. Users presumably took down a contact’s …

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The Practical Guide to Giving Your Consumers the Omnichannel Experience

From a consumer perspective, the best brands are those that weave themselves into their customers’ lives—becoming a part of their identity. These brands are present all the time without obvious detection or being seen as a distraction. They don’t just show up to demand something—Buy Now! Start Today! Click Here!—but they don’t wait on the […]

The Hidden Cost of Doing Nothing

Having to make big decisions on behalf of your entire business can be intimidating — as marketers, sometimes we’d rather choose to play it safe and see what unfolds naturally, instead of risking the “wrong” move. But what if we told you the safer choice isn’t actually safe at all? It’s true: indecision and lack […]

Introductory Guide to Web Personalization

Your website is the hub of interaction between your company and your customers, and in an increasingly competitive digital landscape, today’s buyers aren’t simply looking for a one-size-fits-all customer experience. Web personalization empowers you to provide more relevant experiences to online visitors and speak to them with personalized messages at scale. It enables you to […]

Marketing Experiments in an Age of Accountability

Experiments prove and disprove ideas about the world around us and help us arrive at the truth. But experimentation is not limited to science class or the field of psychology. It’s critical for marketing teams to adopt experimentation to continually improve and help prove their impact to their organizations. Unfortunately, many teams do not know […]

8 Steps to Creating a High-Impact MarTech Stack

Across all industries, marketing increasingly plays a critical role in company growth. It is the marketer’s responsibility to help their organization retain, nurture, and increase their customer base—not an easy task. Having the right technology and skill set is essential to provide measurable ROI and deliver on the bottom line. Everything starts with the customer, […]