Live Chat Comparison: A Goal-Driven Approach to Chat Vendor Selection

The reality for contact centres today is that the line between ‘sales’ and ‘support’ is becoming more and more ambiguous; a support interaction can easily end with a sale just as a sales engagement can easily turn into a support interaction.

Based on a primary research e­ffort with more than three hundred companies using live chat tool BoldChat, this report takes a close look at how live chat is used and measured in support settings and how companies are using it today to help them achieve their business goals.

This report will detail how organizations are using live chat to engage with prospects and customers as well as investigate the most important metrics to organisations using live chat for support engagements.

The report concludes that customer satisfaction is the most important metric in use today, live chat can have a positive influence on satisfaction, certain live chat features contribute to a firm’s ability to achieve high levels of satisfaction, and that maintaining these levels will become increasingly challenging as customers request support through an increasing number of channels.