Economist Impact and SAP Reveal The Link Between Commerce Growth and Technology

Business leaders know there’s an imperative to get their technology stacks in order. But as new technologies emerge and data landscapes become more complex, the reasons for digital transformation become less clear.

A new report from Economist Impact, sponsored by SAP, brings back into focus one of the most important reasons for rethinking your technology strategy: creating business growth.

In it, you’ll learn how to make the most of the state-of-the-art tools and systems you’ve heard so much about. Perhaps you’ve already implemented some of these technologies but haven’t achieved their ROI. The insights in this report can help you understand some of the most common pitfalls holding back emerging technologies from their full potential.

Learn the secrets to:
• Fostering a data-driven culture
• Integrating systems and connecting disparate data
• Improving architectures for breaking down data silos
• Getting value out of generative AI and other emerging technologies

After reading the report, you’ll understand why technology will continue to play an increasing role in commerce growth – and how to take advantage of that. Get started with the report, “Leveraging technology for transformational growth in commerce.”