Economist Impact and SAP reveal the Link Between Business Growth and Customer Service

Increasing business growth and improving customer service are among the top goals for most businesses today. However, few businesses realize the link between that coveted growth and service excellence.

Rather than dedicating valuable resources to tackling these imperatives independently, your business can maximize business growth by focusing teams across your business on customer service. Don’t think IT or procurement have anything to do with customer service? Think again.

A new report from Economist Impact, sponsored by SAP, dives deep into the growing role of customer service as a strategic lever for business growth. In it, you’ll learn unexpected new truths about customer service. This includes how executives should lead by example to help people across your enterprise understand their role in supporting customer service.

You’ll learn more about these three levers for improving your customer service on the path to transformational business growth you can sustain:
• Building a culture of customer centricity
• Creating flexible, scalable operations and strategies
• Using AI to enhance customer service operations

Using these levers, you can gain the confidence to navigate the evolving landscape of customer service. Get started with the report, “Unlocking the potential of customer service excellence to drive growth.”