Revenue Marketing Index 2019 Report

Every CMO is struggling to lead digital transformation, connect with the customer and drive financial results. The traditional 4 P’s are no longer good enough in today’s marketing environment. Yet, without a set of organized standards, CMOs continue to struggle. Until now. Based on the survey results of over 1,000 marketers and thousands of hours of consulting time helping marketing organizations transform, the Revenue Marketing Index (RMI) 2019 Report provides the first comprehensive set of marketing performance standards with a scoring system. Finally, CMOs have a holistic framework for success, can assess their current state, plan for their future state while comparing their performance to the market.

The key findings of the report include:
• 6% of respondents indicated they are very capable of assembling and managing technology.
• 27% of respondents reported being capable or very capable of managing the customer journey.
• 22% of respondents reported being capable or very capable of reporting financial outcomes.

While, on the other hand,
• 100% of CMOs claimed the revenue relationship between sales and marketing was more critical to Revenue Marketing success than any other relationship including finance, the executive team, the board, or IT.
• 100% of CMOs reported it was very important or fairly important to hire more technical and analytical skills on the marketing team.
• 89% of CMOs indicated it was very important and 11% indicated it was fairly important to make data-driven decisions in order to successfully adopt Revenue Marketing.

Download your copy today to see how your peers are performing against the index and assess your own team’s revenue marketing maturity.