Conversations Not Campaigns

Nobody wants to get blasted. Commercial email marketing evolved out of the traditional direct-mail mindset, which is all about big campaigns sent to many, on the marketer’s schedule, not the buyer’s. Popular marketing expressions such as batch and blast, hit the database, and e-shot, certainly don’t have positive connotations. The sentiment behind the words is telling. When you batch and blast, you are essentially admitting that your emails are not individually relevant. The days of batch and blast are numbered. Contemporary subscribers expect personal and relevant emails on a non-disruptive schedule.

Just getting your messages to recipients is not enough; you have to give subscribers reasons to engage with those messages. This means abandoning the idea of batch and blast and entering into a relationship-oriented mindset that continuously builds engagement with consumers, one by one and over time.

Download this ebook and learn:

• What an engaging conversation looks like
• How to listen and adapt in your email marketing
• How to use behavioral filters to target
• How to trigger messages and adjust based on behaviors
• Why traditional tools don’t cut it
• 6 ways to think about conversations and not campaigns