Beyond Price: Personalization and the New Face of Customer Service

Consumers have been increasingly vocal about their desire for more information to inform their purchase choices. However, they are also dissatisfied with traditional in-store service and are seeking out expert advice online—and not just from friends and family.
To offer a complete and satisfying customer experience, retailers need to leverage the increasing power of online brand advocates to create uniquely personalized experiences for their shoppers. Leaving customers to navigate traditional product information and read customer reviews on their own means leaving sales on the table.
In this newest eBook from FierceRetail, we’ll show retailers how to create a more personalized customer experience that can increase sales and drive revenue for your business.

Chapters include:
• The Omnichannel Shopper
• The New Review: Input Drives Conversion
• The Rise of Brand Advocates
• In-Store Connectivity
• Case Study: Home Furnishings