Accelerate your eCommerce launch with these 5 expert tips

Shopping is more online now than ever before.

In today’s uncertain marketplace, online commerce is a bright spot. Some direct to consumer brands selling non-essential items achieved record-breaking digital sales in the first quarter of 2020. For many businesses, a new and improved web store represents a major opportunity for growth.
But, to seize these opportunities, you must act quickly. If you don’t have a digital presence, you need to start from scratch in weeks, not months. If you’re currently running older technologies, it’s imperative to avoid a lengthy and costly upgrade.
Either way, this eBook to fast-tracking your digital commerce launch is for you. Adobe teamed up with Amazon Web Services to interview top experts and distill their advice into five actionable tips that can help you:

• Identify exactly which features you need to launch— and which ones you can skip
• Find the best and least costly alternatives to custom development
• Take weeks off your deployment scheduleom development
• Take weeks off your deployment schedule