The Five Trends Revolutionising Customer Service Today And Tomorrow

Customer service is an ongoing opportunity to win lifetime customer loyalty that strengthens your business. But the converse is also true: poor service interactions push consumers directly into a relationship with your competitors. It’s time to stop thinking about customer service as the last piece of your CX puzzle.

In a new report from The Future of Commerce and SAP, we reveal the secrets to creating intelligent service experiences that help retain customers and enable growth. Use them to future-proof your enterprise against ever-changing customer demands.

Playbook for customer service champions

We explored the latest forces and trends shaping customer service in 2023 and beyond, creating a playbook for customer service leaders with winning strategies, including:

  • Using intelligent technology such as AI to meet the fast-changing needs of customers
  • Focusing on sustainability as a strategy for long-term profitability
  • Building a composable business ready to adapt at the speed of competition
  • Breaking down silos to empower customer service agents with the data they need in the moment

Download the report, “No More Status Quo: Five Trends Revolutionising Customer Service,” and get on the path to creating an intelligent customer experience today.