SD-WAN Protecting the cloud’s evolution – SD-WAN and Nuage Networks

(Source:TECHWIREASIA)Nuage Networks from Nokia is a market leader in the SD-WAN industry (friendly reminder: that’s software-defined wide area networks). Initially offering end-to-end network automation as enterprises sought enhanced branch connectivity, Nuage is now the forerunner in the industry’s inevitable turn to cloud computing. The public cloud continues to proliferate (forecast to double in value to US$569 billion by 2024); SD-WAN businesses are heightening their focus on cloud enhancement, automation, and security.

In its recently-released eBook SD-WAN and the Evolution of the Cloud, Nuage acknowledges the appeal of the public cloud, with self-contained on-demand computing, scalability, and elasticity all contributing to its streamlined offering. But the complexity of the public cloud also necessitates network automation that is enhanced by expert routing capabilities, something that many enterprises need help with. This is where SD-WAN comes in, serving as the “foundational networking pillar” of the cloud, offering application-level visibility and centralised control, as well as enhanced network automation. These elements are vital to enterprises building a multi-cloud strategy.