Reality tunnel: How social media controls our lives and forces us further apart


Netflix’s recent release, The Social Dilemma documentary by Jeff Orlowski, reveals what we believe to be social media bugs, is the essence of this virtual reality. It has become an integral part of the environment we live in, sometimes even more than real-life. No wonder social networks have become a coveted prize for corporations. So how do internet algorithms manipulate our behaviour to sell to advertisers, and how does the tunnel reality we live in affect society?

The world wide web was created in the 1990s as a service for everyone and, thus, serving the idea of equality. While online services were left free, technology entrepreneurs earned large sums of money from advertising. The rise of social media has transformed the role of technology corporations. In exchange for free online services, users now have to watch ads, and also, they may become test subjects for a variety of emerging behaviour management systems.