Next Generation Enterprise WAN

This document provides an Architecture Overview of the Next Generation Enterprise WAN, and takes an
architectural approach to designing and deploying routed WAN solutions for Borderless Networks. It provides a breakdown of the architectural components as well as an overview of the Borderless Network Services integrated within the architecture.
This document is intended for the reader with any of the following:
● Large national or global Wide Area Networks
● Regional Branch networks with up to 15,000 sites
● MPLS VPN, Internet, and 3G/4G transport for branch connectivity
● Metro networks using Carrier Ethernet on self-deployed optical networks of up to 100 sites
● Enterprise Edge with collaboration (voice and video) or public cloud requirements
● Core networks within theater (country) and global, based on either self-deployed MPLS or IP
● Incorporating security for privacy and regulatory requirements
● Addressing the need for mobility of users and machines
● Migration requirements for IPv6
● Upgrading or addressing growth to new regions and/or countries


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