Mydecine Innovations Group Announces The Official Mindleap Health Mobile App Launch in IOS and Android Stores Today


Mindleap™ is designed to increase access to mental health services and provide analytics into mental health to improve outcomes starting with goal-setting, mood, emotion, and habit tracking. The platform is free to use for end users and for specialists who want to build a profile after passing the company’s approval process. It is only when an end user purchases services on the platform that Mindleap charges a 9% fee as a percentage of each session.

This is a unique approach that can allow anytime and anywhere access to vetted mental health professionals, and also allows specialists to get approved, set their prices, update their calendar and immediately begin treating new clients. Additionally, users on Mindleap can share their mental health data with their specialist during a secure HD video call to create a more data-driven conversation, as mental health can be very anecdotal and is often hard for people to explain. This convenient and innovative approach coupled with a unique focus on psychedelic integration provides value to both end users and specialists using the software.