Mahindra Electric Mobility globally launches MESMA 48 platform for EVs

(Source:ManufacturingToday)Mahindra Electric Mobility  has announced the global launch its popular MESMA 48 platform for light electric vehicles. The World EV Day is dedicated to raising awareness about global electric mobility. On this day, global leaders will gather together to highlight the benefits of electric mobility and promote EVs on a global platform.

The journey towards a future driven by e-mobility is well underway, according to Mahesh Babu, MD & CEO of Mahindra Electric Mobility. “Our goal with EVs is to revolutionise first- and last-mile transportation globally and take e-mobility to the masses. World EV Day is a great forum for us to discuss the next big ideas for the global markets and we take this opportunity to launch our MESMA 48 platform globally.”