IDC: Scale-Out Storage In The Content-Driven Enterprise ~ Unleashing The Value Of Information Assets

HP X9000 IBRIX Storage Systems powered by Intel® Xeon® processors allow users to create a virtual file storage environment where they can match storage price/performance with application requirements, yet manage a single, highly scalable system. All three appliance models (X9300 Gateway, X9320, and X9720), or multiple instances of them, can coexist within a single namespace. This gives users the ability to manage various types of storage with different performance profiles as storage pools in a single file system that scales to 16PB and to 1,024 nodes, providing shared storage resources that can grow, contract, and be optimized with uninterrupted data access.

The key to meeting this goal is the X9000 IBRIX scale-out file system software. In combination with these tuned hardware nodes, this software allows organizations to scale independently across multiple dimensions (capacity, I/O performance, throughput) while managing the entire content pool as a single entity. The advantages to this approach include: reduced management staff overhead, highly tunable and scalable capacity and throughput levels, rapid system expansion and upgrade, continuous and real-time view of the past with IBRIX Snap, and reliable and usable data retention.


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