Forrester Customer WP – Focus Your IT Infrastructure And Operations On Customer Obsession, Not Just Cost Savings

In 2011, business priorities and expectations focus on customer obsession. In the age of the customer, only the customer-obsessed will survive. That’s why your business is prioritizing revenue and customer growth over cost-cutting in 2011. But is your IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) organization ready to participate? On one hand, business decision-makers already value technology’s ability to support and serve customers much more highly than its ability to reduce costs. On the other hand, I&O leaders have a lot of work to do in reshaping the mindset and priorities of an organization that values availability and cost efficiency above all else. To get started, I&O leaders must expand their definition of “customer” far beyond the app dev team. From there, continue to “reboot” your people, process, and technology with cloud, desktop transformation, and industrialized operations to become a more customer-obsessed organization.