Drive Conversational Experiences For A Future-Ready Customer Support Strategy

The uncertainty surrounding the global pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for organizations to not only better understand their customers, but also meet and exceed customer expectations. Customer support teams in particular now have the perfect opportunity to get personal in today’s digital age by leveraging technology to transform customer relationships.

Intercom commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a survey which reveals why personalized, messenger-based support is critical to stay competitive, and explains how companies can leverage the power of conversational support to drive customer retention, customer satisfaction and business efficiency.

Among the results revealed by the report are that 71 percent of respondents believe conversational support will allow them to either stay competitive or become an industry leader, and 69 percent of support leaders believe the strongest customer relationships are built through personalized support experiences.

Download this study to discover:
• Why messenger-based support experiences are business-critical?
• How customer support expectations are changing fast.
• What competitive benefits businesses are seeing with conversational support.