Dell G7 15 Specifications And Features – A new generation Laptop

(Source:Mice News Philippines)

Dell G7 15 is all set to be launched in the Indian subcontinent after its successful debut entry into the United States. Dell has been launching higher-end laptops for more than a decade. The company has also entered into the gaming laptop business in recent times. Dell G7 15 which was released early this year is packed with few of the advanced features and specifications.

Dell claims that Dell G7 15 will have Intel’s 10th-generation Core processors which are one of the advanced processors that Intel has introduced for faster computing. Previous to this 9th generation of the processor was being used in most of the higher-end Dell laptops. Intel has upgraded their performance by improving the processor with the advanced combination of logic gates used in the processor. To support the higher graphics and animation the laptop gets an Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards. These graphics are mostly used for playing games and watching High definition video content.