How to Improve Email Deliverability and Optimize Each Send

Ever wondered how emails magically find their way to the inbox once you’ve hit send? Or what causes them to land in the dreaded spam folder? The short answer is email deliverability. And while it is complex—you don’t have to guess your way through it. This 4-part guide created by Litmus in partnership with Salesforce, will […]

The Five Trends Revolutionising Customer Service Today And Tomorrow

Customer service is an ongoing opportunity to win lifetime customer loyalty that strengthens your business. But the converse is also true: poor service interactions push consumers directly into a relationship with your competitors. It’s time to stop thinking about customer service as the last piece of your CX puzzle. In a new report from The […]

How To Increase Service Efficiency With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing customer service and this helps you offer faster, more personal, and more efficient customer service. With AI, you can increase customer service productivity, cut costs, and increase customer satisfaction. How can you maximize the impact of AI for your business?

Top B2B Commerce Insights: A Guide For Tech Leaders And Innovators

In the face of supply chain disruptions, changing employee demands, rapid technological advancements, and heightened customer expectations, B2B commerce companies are challenged to not just survive, but thrive. This e-book sheds light on top trends from commerce experts that can help pave the way towards a profitable, sustainable, and resilient future.

Deliver On Your Brand Promise With Intelligent Customer Service

Explore how the SAP Service Cloud solution can help you create connected, insightful and adaptive service processes that increase customer loyalty and maximize customer lifetime value.