Brain Corp Announces New UX Design and Reporting Capabilities that Simplify Robotic Usage at Scale


The software enhancements are designed to optimize usage of BrainOS®-powered robots for different types of users—from a robot operator to management personnel—on a global basis. They also include powerful new software features for BrainOS-enabled robotic scrubbers that deliver improved cleaning efficiency and flexibility for commercial locations. BrainOS is a pioneering AI software platform that is used to build, operate, and manage multiple robotic applications.

Brain Corp’s innovation in UX design and operational reporting, along with the proven performance and scale of Tennant Co. floor care equipment, were the key reasons that Schnuck Markets, Inc. recently selected new Tennant T380AMR robotic scrubbers, powered by BrainOS. Schnucks, a leading Midwest grocery chain, will have autonomous units in more than half of its stores when deployments are completed by the end of the year.