5 Pitfalls of SMS

Text notifications fail to deliver on the promise to convert customers. Find out why SMS is an expensive and poor-converting channel, and uncover mobile messaging alternatives to get higher conversions at half the cost. It’s time for product managers and marketers to look beyond the “Black Box” of SMS for mobile notifications. From marketing to transactional and operational messages, SMS is one of the most popular communications channels for mobile business-to-user messaging. But it is hindered by many limitations and challenges. While SMS is recognized for high open rates, product managers and marketers say that it’s a “black box” — impossible to track beyond open rates.

In this eBook, uncover:
• Alternatives to SMS for mobile business-to-user communications
• How to solve for the unpredictable costs of SMS
• New, efficient ways to reach your customers via mobile

Read this report to learn how in-app messaging achieves more value for all of your mobile messaging initiatives.