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Global Survey: What Consumers Want in their Digital Experience

Our global survey data shows many CMOs and CDOs believe their existing sign-up and login flows influence their rates of cart abandonment and customer attrition. They understand the problem, but are yet to identify a workable solution. The majority of those surveyed did not report using the fundamental modern identity technologies that are standard within […]

Customer Success, It’s Your Time to Shine

Drive customer health, retain your base, and expand your existing customers-with Conversica AI Assistants for Customer Success Read the eBook to learn how Conversational AI:• Helps scale Customer Success teams• Autonomously motivates product adoption/ usage and promotes customer health• Helps retain and grow revenue from your existing base at scale High customer-to-account-manager ratios make it […]

The Recession-Proof Growth Playbook

The conversation about the US economy is all over the place—and the uncertainty is giving revenue teams a massive headache. If you’re in Marketing, Sales, or Customer Success, you’ve probably been living the reality for a few months now. Your discretionary spending is being cut and so is your customers’, headcount is frozen or even […]

Maximize Virtual Event ROI

Marketers are being forced to shift away from in-person events and trade shows in favor of virtual events. It can be difficult to calculate the ROI of a virtual event vs. an event you were live, in-person for, as the time to pipeline can be much longer without having a face-to-face conversation as a jumping […]

Conversational ABM

Hyper-Personalized, Two-Way Conversations at Scale Read this eBook to learn how Conversational AI scales:• How to better execute on established ABM strategies• ABM execution, leading to iconic customer experiences• Increased engagement rates• Critical high-quality pipeline generation• Accelerated deal cycles Marketers and Salespeople are always pursuing new ways to improve their ability to attract and convert […]