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Forrester: The Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow Field Service Management

ServiceNow Field Service Management (FSM) addresses the challenges companies face when managing field service processes manually or through disparate software solutions. These issues, such as siloed operations, unmet KPIs, and rising costs, are resolved by ServiceNow FSM’s real-time visibility, streamlined routing, and automation. This leads to significant time savings and improved case management with augmented […]

Driving success in field service with AI innovation

See how to build capabilities around AI in field service using the ServiceNow platform and discover how to make field service more efficient with specific use cases that highlight ServiceNow and the customers as the Hero of AI.

Customer Experience (CX) Trends First Ed. – Customer service insights in the GenAI era

In a rapidly evolving business environment, understanding CX trends and overcoming associated challenges has become crucial for organizations. To gain insights, a comprehensive Customer Experience survey was conducted globally, targeting both the practitioner and the consumer, with the goal to explore the current state of CX, identify emerging trends, and highlight key challenges faced by […]

Deliver experiences customers crave: The 3 imperatives for leaders’ approach to CX in 2024

One frustrating experience can be all it takes to lose a customer—yet one delightful experience can spark the beginning of a lifetime of loyalty. But those interactions won’t happen at all if your organization fails to live up to customers’ expectations—and these expectations are constantly evolving and expanding. In today’s environment, you need a 360-degree view of customer interactions to enable your team to deliver […]

Customer Insights: Customer Experience Testimonials – Learn how enterprises like yours drive seamless experiences while reducing costs

Businesses are under pressure to find a versatile solution that can help reduce operational costs while resolving customer issues faster. Learn how the most innovative companies in the world are breaking down silos, integrating teams, and connecting systems and processes, with customer experience solutions from ServiceNow. Read this eBook to find out how you can drive more value for your business and customers while reducing costs and explore the latest innovations in customer and […]